Now you have your Bitcoins what is best investment UNIFY!

Congrats now you have your Bitcoins now we are going to buy UNIFY which is next best investment in Crypto currencies.

Goto NovaExchange and sign up and deposit the amount of Bitcoins you want to invest I would suggest 33% of those you purchased as may be offer coins later on.

Once the Bitcoins are on NovaExchange find the UNIFY coin by going to Wallets and in filter search for UNIFY then in dropdown on it select BTC marketplace.

Now buy as many UNIFY you can by filling out the buy form on this page you can easily click the link of your BTC to buy max you can.

That is it sit back ride the ups and downs and in 1 to 2 years could be a crypto millionaire.

  • Disclaimer that I am not investment advisor and this is my view only of what this coins UNIFY will do in the future.

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