Now you have your Bitcoins what is best investment UNIFY!

Congrats now you have your Bitcoins now we are going to buy UNIFY which is next best investment in Crypto currencies.

Goto NovaExchange and sign up and deposit the amount of Bitcoins you want to invest I would suggest 33% of those you purchased as may be offer coins later on.

Once the Bitcoins are on NovaExchange find the UNIFY coin by going to Wallets and in filter search for UNIFY then in dropdown on it select BTC marketplace.

Now buy as many UNIFY you can by filling out the buy form on this page you can easily click the link of your BTC to buy max you can.

That is it sit back ride the ups and downs and in 1 to 2 years could be a crypto millionaire.

  • Disclaimer that I am not investment advisor and this is my view only of what this coins UNIFY will do in the future.

A Guide To Buying Bitcoins

I have started to invest in BitCoins and have found the best way to go about buying them.

First you need a wallet and this can be easily created via BlockChain.

You can buy Bitcoins also there but I found best way to buy them and send them to your BlockChain wallet is by buying through LocalBitcoins using your currency you prefer I used GBP.

Once you have purchased your Bitcoins at LocalBitcoins you can then send them to your wallet at BlockChain.

Also you can download an app from android store or apple store free called Mycelium to send payments via your mobile.

Also another service for your wallet is Coinbase and using them to buy $100 worth of BitCoin you get $10 free of Bitcoin also and so will I so it’s win win.

If you wish then wish to use your Bitcoins for buying alternative crypto currencies the best place is Bittrex where you can buy nearly every coin.

Also get alerts on what to buy using this free service called CryptoPing for alerts to your Telegram account.

Wish you all the best with your Bitcoins purchases and if you found this helpful send me a tip to my BitCoin wallet at : 1FM6FdZKjXQZsBBJdU3nRgsgCBMNL3tzwb

Restore MySQL Database without overwriting tables from .sql file using sublime text

This is quick way to add _restore to your .sql backup file so you can restore old data and then change the name to table names you wish to restore.

I use sublime text and as most .sql backups will overwrite existing table you can use a regular expression to add _restore to each CREATE TABLE and INSERT INTO table name.

Use regex find and replace and use the following

  • Open your .sql file in Sublime Text
  • Click on Find > Replace
  • Make sure you bottom left searching by regular expression is depressed
  • Enter the find and replace fields the below information
  • Find: (?s)(CREATE TABLE|INSERT INTO) `(\w+)`
  • Replace: $1 `$2_restore`
  • Click replace all and your done.

That is all there is to it. You can now restore any table by renaming the original or even deleting it and renaming the _restore to the table name you just deleted.

Google Sheet Filter by Column using NamedRanges

You may have found out by now that you cannot filter by columns only by rows which is very annoying, if you have a Google sheet that has 100 or more columns then you will end up scrolling horizontally hundreds of times which takes up a lot of time.

Well I have wrote a google sheet script and here it is.

First part of the codes is to make it easy to run the individual filters by adding a “Filter Columns” menu item to our sheet.

function onOpen() {
var ui = SpreadsheetApp.getUi();
// Or DocumentApp or FormApp.
ui.createMenu('Filter Columns')
.addSubMenu(ui.createMenu('Table Top Size')
.addItem('Round', 'doDiameter')
.addItem('Square', 'doSquare')
.addItem('Rectangle', 'doRectangle')
.addItem('Oval', 'doOval')
.addItem('Barrel', 'doBarrel')
.addItem('2Pc', 'do2Pc'))
.addItem('Column Finish', 'doColumnFinish')
.addItem('Glass Decoration', 'doGlassDecoration')

Now we need to create functions for each Named Range we want to filter by.

function doDiameter() {
function doSquare() {
function doRectangle() {
function doOval() {
function doBarrel() {
function do2Pc() {
function doColumnFinish() {
function doGlassDecoration() {

Now the powerful part of the script this will show all columns then loop each named range and hide all that are not in the selected Named Range.

function FilterColumns(name) {
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
var settingsSheet = spreadsheet.getSheetByName('Pricing');
settingsSheet.showColumns(1, settingsSheet.getLastColumn());
var namedRanges = settingsSheet.getNamedRanges();
for (var i = 0; i < namedRanges.length; i++) {
if (namedRanges[i].getName() != name) settingsSheet.hideColumn(namedRanges[i].getRange());

Now all you need to do is setup your named ranges and edit your menus passing the name of the named range to the FilterColumns(“{NameHere}”).

Any questions then please leave a comment below and will gladly assist you.


Razer Marauder Starcraft 2 Gaming Keyboard Mac Layout File

I searched and searched for using my Razer Marauder Starcraft 2 Gaming Keyboard (RMS2GK) on my iMac but to no avail.

So I used Ukelele to create a keyboard layout file for OSX Captain as took a while to create and if you want to use your  RMS2GK with an iMac then simply download the file and unzip into your “/Library/Keyboard Layouts” directory and select it as your Input Source under System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources.

Any problems leave a comment and I will try to help.

Download Starcraft Keyboard Layout File


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