A Guide To Buying Bitcoins

I have started to invest in BitCoins and have found the best way to go about buying them.

First you need a wallet and this can be easily created via BlockChain.

You can buy Bitcoins also there but I found best way to buy them and send them to your BlockChain wallet is by buying through LocalBitcoins using your currency you prefer I used GBP.

Once you have purchased your Bitcoins at LocalBitcoins you can then send them to your wallet at BlockChain.

Also you can download an app from android store or apple store free called Mycelium to send payments via your mobile.

Also another service for your wallet is Coinbase and using them to buy $100 worth of BitCoin you get $10 free of Bitcoin also and so will I so it’s win win.

If you wish then wish to use your Bitcoins for buying alternative crypto currencies the best place is Bittrex where you can buy nearly every coin.

Also get alerts on what to buy using this free service called CryptoPing for alerts to your Telegram account.

Wish you all the best with your Bitcoins purchases and if you found this helpful send me a tip to my BitCoin wallet at : 1FM6FdZKjXQZsBBJdU3nRgsgCBMNL3tzwb

Author: zastil

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